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March 30, 1540
After a twenty-day cutback I am back on track through this vary large gulf. The crew is doing their daily work of keeping the ship clean and cleaning the firearms so they are ready for any little battle we might encounter on our journey. I feel as if we have about another week before we should reach the end of this gulf. There has been no sign of Coronado and his men since we left the very first day. I am sure his men are very angry that they don't know where their valuables are right now. The weather hasn't been vary bad lately, we are going about six knots right now and are doing fine. We have seen some Indian tribes that acted like if we went on their land they would attack us, but we weren't interested at all in them we were interested in the gold at the Seven Cities.

May 21, 1540
In the past month after going up the mouth of some river for a while my men and I have decided to go back down the river and stay at an Indian Village we saw on the way up the river. The Indians are really friendly and have wide-open fields. I have learned many things from these villagers and how their culture is much different than ours. A Pawnee guide as agreed to take me to see the wild cattle in these very long open fields. After we hunted some of the buffalo in the fields the guide told me of a place called Quivira where there is supposedly a lot of gold. After we got there we learned that there indeed was a large sum of gold there. We took the gold back to the ships and sailed back home to tell Mendoza of our findings.