Come take a look at some of these HOT web pages! Further down are primary sources.

Weid's Homepage of Exploration Excellent Site, has a lot of information about exploration.

Francisco Coronado Short biography about Coronado, also has other links about Coronado.

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado Another short biography about Coronado, has some thumbnails too.

People In The West-Francisco CoronadoBiography of Coronado with a nice picture of him.

Francisco Coronado Not very long site but does have some useful information.

Primary Sources

The Journey of CoronadoVery long site has the whole journey of Coronado's expedition

Coronado's Report to Viceroy Mendoza A very long report written to Mendoza by Coronado.

Coronado's Report to the King of Spain Long report to the King written by Coronado.

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