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My name is Kyle and I made this webpage because our honors world history class has to do a webpage for a project. The purpose of this page is to help you learn about the life of Coronado and his spectacular journey which was called a complete failure. In this webpage you will learn important facts about Francisco Coronado. The Biography page is a short essay on the life of Coronado. The Journal Entries page has some factual journal entries written by Coronado, but most of the information will be written by me. So you cannot use the entries as primary sources. The Game page is a fun and challenging word search game. The Links page has links to other pages about Coronado and exploration and also has some primary sources that I have used in the page. If you have Internet Explorer then you can just push the stop button on your browser to stop the music.

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Created by:
Kyle Gross
A Student at Sullivan High School
Last updated on 2/23/00