Francisco Vasquez de Coronado was born in Salamanca, Spain in 1510. His family was a very decent family. While he was a child he became friends with Antonio de Mendoza. Coronado was appointed governor of New Galicia in 1538. Mendoza soon thought of an expedition to search for the treasures that had been reported by shipwrecked sailors. Hernando de Alarcon was in command of the two cargo ships. The two ships were about the size of a tug boat and went about five or six knots at times. These treasures were thought to be in present-day Texas. The expedition left in 1540 and headed north to present-day United States. There Coronado and his 300 men looked in city after city for the treasures they have heard about. Coronado sent men out scouting and all the men found were more Indian tribes, which had no important treasures. For about two full years Coronado and his men felt the heartbreak of finding no gold, which was the only reason they wanted to come on the journey anyway. In 1542 the expedition headed back home toward Mexico City. When they got home Coronado told Mendoza about his unfortunate findings and Mendoza called the expedition as a complete failure. Coronado held his governorship of New Galicia until he was found guilty of corruption, negligence, and atrocities against Indians while he was in command. Coronado died at Mexico City after he was found guilty in 1544.

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