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January 15, 1542
The men and I were all packed up to head for home after our winter stay. Since we don't have to stop and look at every village the journey will be much shorter. I am looking forward to returning to my governship of New Galicia. The men are also very anxious too, most of them are looking forward to seeing their wives and families. I am not looking forward to telling Mendoza about our failure to find the gold that he had sent us out to find.

February 21, 1542
I had a chance today to see where we are at on the map and we are more than halfway there. I think we have a month or just a little less than a month left in our journey. We did run into some trouble on the way home with one of the Indian tribes that we chased out of their village on the way to find the gold. It turns out they relocated and we happened to head right at their village again. So we had a second little skirmish with them and it was over really fast. Again we chased them out of their village, but we didn't stay this time we just kept on heading southward toward home.

March 19, 1542
I couldn't believe the site after we came over that hill to see our home town after these last two years. I talked to Mendoza when I got there and told him about us not finding anything of real importance. After talking with him which seemed forever he called the mission a complete failure. I then went home and had a nice long nap. I am now on full concentration as me being the governor.