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January 25, 1541
Weather conditions are getting better and the men and I are starting to go farther and farther everyday. We have given up all hope for finding the two ships with all of our valuables. We came upon a Wichita tribe that was very friendly. I think it is really neat how our cultures and everyday life is so different then them. I told my translator person to ask them if they had ever heard of the Seven Cities. Surprisingly they have heard of it and told us to go northward. I am now confident again.

February 25, 1541
It has been one full month since I have written in this journal. After that Wichita tribe telling us they have heard of the Seven Cities no other tribe has heard of them. I decided that my men and I needed to take a break for a couple of days and one of the search parties found this nice spring with a beautiful view. So we camped there and had some nice meals of fish. I did a little of fishing myself and I happened to catch a five-pound brown trout. Taking this little break has calmed the men down from going crazy.

April 23, 1541(
Today I had some Indians guide me toward some food for the men. I cam across some fields so long that you could not see the other side. In the fields were a lot of cows and the closer and closer we came to an Indian village the more and more cows I was seeing. When we got to the village all I saw was hide of cows. It turns out that the main meat food source of this tribe is cows. I traded for some meat of cow and about a hundred ears of corn.

May 12, 1541
I think we are close to a spot where the gold is supposedly located so I took ten other men on horseback to the short journey. When we got to where it looked like we were going all there was was an abandoned Indian village. Some wood of the tepees was still standing but it looks like as if the village was burnt in a battle and the villagers moved to a different place. I looked at almost every aspect of the little village to see any sign of the Seven Cities full of gold, but again there was nothing to be found.

June 4, 1541
I had to shoot another horse today. It was getting really sick the last couple of days and couldn't really do anything productive. When we started our journey I had about three hundred men in my crew. Now there is only about two hundred men left. Most of them have wandered off or have gotten a disease that we couldn't cure. These kinds of men we have to burn after they die so the diseases do not infect the rest of us. A lot of Indian tribes we have come across have given us many medicines for some diseases that we will use when we get home.

July 29, 1541
The weather is dreadfully hot and a lot of men have been getting dehydration lately. We can't merely walk as far each day as we were in the spring. I have come across more Indian tribes but all we learned from them was more different cultures. One Indian tribe was not very friendly and we had a little battle with them. It didn't last long we did kill a couple of Indians and I lost two men in the battle. The village had nothing in real value to me but the men did take some valuables. I guess they're still making up for losing their valuables on those ships.

October 20, 1541
Today I got the chance to send my letter to the King of Spain about how we are doing. I wrote him about all of the important things that have happened since April 22. I also got the chance out and calculated that we would find the Seven Cities in the next month or so. It is starting to get cold again so it looks like we are going to have to spend another winter up here. I just hope the winter isn't as harsh as last years winter.

November 31, 1541
I have left some men back a couple of days ago and now have found that we have reached where the Seven Cities of gold is supposed to be. Sadly, there is nothing to find. I gathered up the men and went back to the camp where the others are camped for the winter to tell them the news. All of the men are very quiet now and now they are looking forward to heading back home to be with their family. I told them we will head home in the middle of January.