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February 14, 1540
After Mendoza assembled about a total of 300 Spaniards and some Indians we were ready to go on our journey to find the Seven Cities full of gold. All of the explorers carried what they could and what we couldn't carry we put on the two ships that are going to meet us at the port of Xalisco. So we started moving northward for our first day on our journey. Everyone was very excited and cannot wait to find that gold.

March 28, 1540
My explorers and myself are still very anxious about finding the Seven Cities. Our ships that are supposed to be carrying our extra baggage is nowhere in site and some of the explorers are getting a little mad about losing their valuables. There is a lot of game out here to hunt so we aren't going hungry. I did a little hunting myself and I happened to kill a nice ten point white-tailed deer. I am looking forward to getting to Caliacan so we can have some well deserved rest.

April 22, 1540(
I woke up this morning and remembered that our army was going to go down to Caliacan. Everyone was really ready to go take over the town. When we got there the townspeople were already to have a little war with us. As soon as it had started it was over and we won the little battle. After that we went into the city and decided to lodge there for a week or so. The townspeople are really friendly and they are giving us great entertainment while we are staying here for our short stay.

July 5, 1540
I haven not written in my journal for a while because there hasn't been anything productive happening. I have been sending out search parties for any gold in the area, but the searchers have not found anything except for some Indian villages. The crew is now starting to get impatient with me and I keep telling them we will find the Seven Cities in about three to four months. I am really hoping we find something very soon.

September 13, 1540
It is raining right now and is very mild. The temperature is a lot like home and I really miss home. We have come upon some more Indian villages and one of the villages has a big field of corn. So we traded some items for a lot of corn and the corn will last us a while. We had to cross a river yesterday and lost a couple of men and lost a lot of food that we needed.

December 2, 1540
The temperature has changed dramatically the last month or so. Some of the men have very bad fevers and some have even died from this harsh winter coldness. We are staying at an abandoned village where the small houses are made out of Earth. I am glad that I kept all of the fur coats of the animals I have killed this summer. We still haven't found any gold and the local natives said they had never heard of the Seven Cities. I am still certain that we are getting closer and closer every day.