Bob Wofford, Sheriff

Sheriff Bob Wofford and the staff of the Dent County Sheriff's Department strive to serve all the citizens with the finest law enforcement available in the area.

The Dent County Sheriff's Department is in the lower level of the Dent County Judicial Building located at 112 E. Fifth Street in Salem, Missouri.

The sheriff's office is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year to serve the needs of all the citizens of Dent County.


Norma Simmons, Office Administrator

Sgt. Mike Warren, Bailiff / Jail Supervisor

Sgt. Rod Jackson, Detective

Sgt. Len Pabin

Sgt. George Ball

Deputy Mike Nivens

Deputy Rodney Lewis

Deputy Marvin Rice

Deputy Scott Montoya

Deputy Matt Pappert

Deputy Wayne Becker

Deputy Rick Letchworth

Deputy Justin Roderman

Joe Aldridge, Dispatcher

Deputy John Elmer, Dispatcher

Judy Wilmont, Dispatcher

Deputy Steve Lawhead,

Jailer / Transport Officer


Dent County Government

Missouri Department of Public Safety

MSHP Sex Offender Registry


Dent County Sheriff's Department

Dent County Sheriff's Department

112 E. Fifth Street

Salem, Mo. 65560

Phone: 573-729-3241


Fax:      573-729-3058