The Entertainers: Minstrel & Jesters

Minstrels performed for both upper and peasant classes of people. Their songs told of battles, honor, & myths. They played many different instruments. Their most common, however, were the harp and flute. They traveled around the country and went as the pleased. Some, though, did stay permanently with kings or nobles. They were usually paid with gifts of clothing. The minstrel would pay the lord to perform for the local villagers. Their choices of song were different depending on where they were. For kings and nobles they sang of honor, love, and great battles. Outside the castle walls, their songs were mostly of stories like Robin Hood.

Jesters were more sedentary than minstrels. Jesters didn't travel around they normally stayed in the same place and served one lord. A jester's job was to simply entertain his master and make him laugh. Their clothing was bright colored and decorated with bells. He did tricks like juggling, acrobatics, and many others. Their master also expected them to be smart with words. They would make puns and twist words around.

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