What do you get when you
combine a secret, family recipe
with the nostalgia of Route 66?

You get RBQue!

Motorists traveling Route 66 always knew they could find great barbecue at Toky's Bar-B-Q in Rolla, Missouri. For many of them, Toky's Bar-B-Q was a highlight along the Mother Road, with their secret-recipe simmering sauce and smokehouse ribs. Folks could smell the goodness from miles around. But even though the restaurant closed its doors in the early 70's, the recipe remained in the family and was passed down to Royace Buehrlen (aka RB).

Now RB is taking RBQue on the road to relive its popularity in the Midwest. You may have seen RBQue at catered events, the Ozark Renewable Energies Expo, or the Farmer's Market in New Haven, MO. Wherever you see him, be sure to stop by and see what RBQue is all about.
Just say, "RBQue me, ASAP!"